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About Me

I have worked within the mobile software industry for a better part of a decade and it’s something that I am very passionate about. From the proof of concept stage to the full app release stage, I find all the stages between exciting and exhilarating.

Throughout my career, I have been a key resource on the projects that I have been assigned to, and help other teams get to better outcomes.

In my current role, I’m the Technical lead, Architect, and Software developer. I am a part of all aspects when delivering solutions as well as being able to provide proof of concepts that allow organisations to make great customer focused solutions.

Feel free to contact me with any questions, ideas or if you just want to say hi!


SnapIt App
Auspost SnapIt
Android + iOS
Checkaload App
Telstra Checkaload
Android + iOS

AAMI Access Android + iOS
Hermes App
Hermes Android Only
Suncorp App
Suncorp App Android
Samsung Plus App
Samsung Plus Android

This is a small portion of the apps that I have worked on in the past. If you want to see my whole developer portfolio that includes, Android apps, iOS apps, Web Apps, and API’s let me know! Click on the lets chat menu.

Brands I’ve partnered with

Developer for the following brands


Flexible and enthusiastic, capable of picking up all sorts of new work and running with it.  From quoting, to web, to PMing, to fixing someone else’s work, to Android and iOS, you can and have exhibited skills in almost every area in the office.

Sarah Keble-Johnston
Project Manager, AppsCore Digital

Mark’s wide range of skills is very helpful during a project and he is easy to work with. He is a good developer and has a good attention to detail.

Herve Fraval
Senior Developer, AppsCore Digital

Let’s not just design and develop apps.

Let’s bring them to life.